NEWS! We’ve joined forces with Sadie’s Kitchen

We’re delighted to announce we’ve recently partnered with Irish food company Sadie’s Kitchen to launch a new range of comforting bone broth pots.

These powerful hot pots are jam-packed with freshly prepared nutrient-rich ingredients, that restore balance to your digestive system, and are also very low in calorie count.

1 – Simply choose your broth pot from our Grab & Go fridge in store.

2 – Pick from:

    • The Mexican Chicken  (183 kcal)
    • The Asian Chicken  (174 kcal)
    • The Bacon & Cabbage  (191 kcal)
    • The Lebanese Falafel  (295 kcal)

3 – Bring your broth pot to the counter and we will add Sadie’s comforting bone broth.

4 – Allow stand for 2 minutes, stir and tuck in!

Available across all stores nationwide. For more information, visit our full menu here.



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