NEW! Summer Vibes Menu

Our NEW Summer Vibes Menu is now available across all stores nationwide! The tasty new menu consists of three new fresh summer bowls/wraps.

Mexican Summer Chicken (273kcals)

After much demand our Mexican chicken breast has made a return to our deli counter, in the form of this fiery new bowl. Another tasty addition to the menu is our new spicy Mexican bean mix.

This bowl Mexican Summer Chicken  bowl really packs a punch with jalapenos, guindilla peppers, Chopped slaw, mixed peppers, tomato, your choice of greens and of course Mexican chicken breast and new Mexican bean mix. Try in store today for a delicious €7.50 bowl / €7.00 wrap.

Wild Irish Tuna (274kcals)

For this bowl we have partnered with “Shines Tuna” of Killybegs, Co. Donegal. This delicious addition to our menu of albacore tuna is caught by Irish Fishermen off the South West coast when the fish is in season during August and September. The delicate soft, pink albacore tuna is different to that of other tuna species and if you’re a fish fan, it’s delicious and will blow you away!

The Wild Irish Tuna bowl is packed full of Shines Wild Irish Tuna, spring onion, tomato, roasted sweet potato, red onion, mixed peppers, choice of greens and given fruity twist when complemented with our Mango, Lime chilli dressing. It may sound like an unusual mix, but trust us, if you like real tuna you will love this new bowl! Try in store today for a delicious €7.50 bowl / €7.00 wrap.

Hawaiian Avocado Poke (v) (373kcals)

This fresh, colourful little number is for those who love the idea of a traditional poke bowl but don’t eat fish for whatever reason. It’s particularly tasty this time of year because it’s light, clean, filling but not too heavy.

It’s packed full of edamame, avocado, pineapple, cucumber, grated carrot, brown rice, red onion and spinach leaves. Not to mention it’s complemented by our NEW peanut dressing made with Irish brand, Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious clean peanut butter. Well worth a try if you’re feeling the Hawaiian vibes this Summer!

Try in store today for a delicious €7.50 bowl / €7.00 wrap.

And just cause it’s Summer, you can add a standard Chopped smoothie to any Summer Vibes bowl/ wrap for just €2.50. Which is a tasty little saving!

All of these new items are now sitting deliciously in our deli counter for you to enjoy in one of our Summer Vibes Bowls or to add to a “Create your own” bowl /wrap 💚 #SummerVibes


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