Exciting Changes Coming to Chopped!

RPET Hot Oak Smoked Salmon

We have some very exciting news coming very soon regarding our bowls. As many of you know, our signature chopped bowls and lids (pictured) from day 1 have been 100% recycled (RPET), made from recycled water bottles and manufactured from base material to finished product in Co. Wicklow, and are 100% recyclable. As much as there’s a sense of sustainability with this model, we should be doing better. And we will do better.

For the last year we have been working on a new project, designing and introducing new sustainable products to the mix – such as compostable coffee cups & lids, vegware pots, corn starch biodegradable cutlery (pictured), compostable wrap paper and so on. The most pivotal change with this project is introducing our new compostable take-away bowls. We will begin to roll out our newly designed bagasse compostable bowls over the following weeks, starting this week in a handful of stores. We will share more information on all this as we roll. They will look different, however portion wise and freshness wise everything remains the same.

We have also been working on introducing new re-usable bamboo bowls and bamboo coffee cups for purchase – these will be available in store from October. We will share more information on that exciting news, nearer the time #SmallChanges #BigImpact

Follow our socials for updates over the next few weeks ♻️

IG: @chopped.ie    FB: @chopped.ie

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