Bringing the heat with our new Choppito Bowl range!

New hot food alert Choppers! Say hello to our new Choppito bowl range, where you can now order your favourite Choppito (a piping hot and healthy baked burrito) as a bowl. All freshly baked to order while you wait.

Chopped - Choppito Bowls
Choppito Bowls now available at Chopped nationwide.

Choose from our delicious healthy Choppito menu:

  • The Mexican – Piri Piri chicken breast, Dubliner Cheese, white onion, mixed peppers, brown rice, tomatoes, guindilla peppers, jalapenos. With Mexican dressing.
  • The Chicken & Bacon – Lemon & Garlic chicken breast,  Dubliner Cheese, bacon, onion, tomato. With New Orleans dressing.
  • The Tuna Halloumi – Tuna, halloumi cheese, red onion, tomato, brown rice, spinach leaves. With Low-Fat Mayo.
  • The Spinach & Goat Cheese – Goat cheese, mixed peppers, spring onion, brown rice, grated carrot, spinach leaves, Celtic Spice shake. With our Pesto dressing.

All your Choppito bowl ingredients are freshly chopped, dressed and baked for 3 minutes while you wait making them the perfect healthy and fast feed this season.

Price: €7.50

Available: across all stores. 


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