Recipe time! Get fruity and nutty with our latest at home salad creation

We love our greens, and to help you get creative and add a little extra green to your at home meals, we are sharing some of our top at home healthy recipes!

Last month we shared our Supergreen Citrus Salad. Next up? It’s our tasty Fruity Garden Salad made with our Chopped ‘Taste of the Garden’ salad bag which forms part of our new leaf range now available across Dunnes Stores nationwide.

Chopped_Taste of Garden_ 2
Chopped Fruity Garden Salad

Chopped Fruity Garden Salad

1 x Chopped ‘Taste of the Garden’ salad bag
Our salad bag contains:

    • landcress,
    • sliced apple,
    • lambs lettuce,
    • red chard,
    • pomegranate
    • sachet of Chopped balsamic dressing.

100g x strawberries cut in quarters

100g x watermelon cut into small cubes

50g x walnuts – crushed


  1. Open salad bag and remove the Chopped balsamic dressing sachet.
  2. Salad mix: Combine the leaf bag ingredients with the strawberries, watermelon and walnuts in a bowl. And mix well.
  3. Dressing: Open the Chopped balsamic dressing sachet and drizzle over salad mix. Mix through.
  4. Season with ground pepper and a pinch of sea salt.
  5. Final Touches: Top with some of the crushed walnuts to finish!

Present in a medium sized bowl and serve as a centre-piece salad with dinner. This salad is perfect with grilled or barbequed fish.

Chopped_Taste of Garden_4
Bowl Goals

Eat Good. Feel Good 🙂

Available in Dunnes Stores for €2.79

Chopped Leaf Range

And you can now take a slice of that greeny goodness home with you with our ‘At Home’ leaf range available across Dunnes Stores nationwide! With four different leaf mixes to choose from, our range of washed leaves are a great salad base for DIY dishes at home. And we’ve designed resealable bags, which will assist you in managing your food waste at home 🙂

  • Super Greens – Baby kale & spinach – €1.99
  • Babyleaf & Rocket – Rocket, baby red leaf & mizuna leaf – €1.99
  • The Coconut Bag – Lambs leaf, red chard, fine beans, desiccated coconut & coconut dressing – €2.79
  • Taste of the Garden – Red chard, land cress, lambs leaf, apple, pomegranate seeds & balsamic dressing – €2.79



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