Chopizza IS a thing!

Yes, it is. We are rolling out our delicious new Chopizza menu across our stores that have our new menu in place from this week. What is Chopizza you ask?

It’s Chopped + Pizza = Chopizza!

Made with the Best Irish Ingredients

All made on a sweet potato base from the super foodies at the Sweet Potato Pizza Company, with a delicious handmade tomato sauce from Janet’s Country Fayre, we’re keeping it healthy, we’re keeping it tasty and we’re keeping it Irish.

Choose from four tasty Chopizza options:

The Mexican

Spicy and fruity

Piri Piri chicken, feta cheese, Chopped cheese, guindilla peppers, pineapple, sun dried tomatoes, Tex-Mex spice, handmade tomato sauce.

294 Kcals

The Meatless Madness

Plant-based and high in protein

Vegan cheese, pulled oats, sun dried tomatoes, broccoli, black olives, handmade tomato sauce.

346.5 Kcals

The Feta Chicken

Cheesy and oh so delicious.

Roast chicken, Chopped cheese, feta cheese, broccoli, Celtic spice, handmade tomato sauce.

325 Kcals

The Bacon Feast

Smokey and cheesey

Bacon, Chopped cheese, Chimichurri spice, handmade tomato sauce.

291 Kcals

Feta Chicken Chopizza – Pre-Bake
Feta Chicken Chopizza – piping hot and freshly chopped into 4 slices
Feta Chicken Chopizza – melty goodness, ready for chomping!

All 6 quid. All tasty. All low in calories. Happy & healthy eating Choppers!

Please see menu in store for further details.

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