Our sustainability journey is as much a part of us as great tasting salads, As a business we actively search out for sustainable suppliers. An example of this is our current bowl which is a 100% compostable bowl which entirely removed any plastic element from our salads.

Our Chopped bowls are made entirely from Bagasse which is a natural by-product of sugarcane production. As a by-product of this production, bagasse does not require additional cultivation areas and has no impact on the area of forests. These bowls will biodegrade at the same rate as garden waste in a home composting system, which depending on the system can be approximately between 90-120 days. 

Our bowls can be reused as planting pots to help you sow seeds or decompose in your home composting system, also.

Pictured above: Chopped Bagasse Bowl

Our bowls are not the only items we have made sustainable. Our coffee cups and lids are 100% compostable, and all our straws are fully plant based. We now also only have one option for cutlery which is our degradable cutlery, our smaller Vegware pots, compostable wrap paper and compostable Kraft paper carrier bags.

Pictured above: 100% Compostable Chopped Coffee Cup
Pictured above: Chopped Reusable Bowls & Cups

We take the environment very seriously and believe we should do everything in our power to create a greener future, Celebrating Earth day is part of this as it highlights what we can do for the world we live in. It’s important to think not just about where our food is coming from but how it’s served and how we can make a difference.

Here are some ways you yourself can partake in Earth Day:

  • Buy from sustainable brands like ourselves
  • Reuse and recycle what you can
  • Appreciate and respect our natural surroundings to make the world we live in a more environmentally friendly place to live.  

Happy Earth Day – Freshly Chopped.

Feeling hungry? Why not order online! Visit: https://www.chopped.ie/order/


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