January is a great time to pick up the pieces you let drop last year and what better way to start than with healthy eating! Chopped has fresh and tasty ingredients to suit a variety of tastes for Meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and vegan-curious people alike.

We know a lot of people love to join in on Veganuary and test out the veggie lifestyle. This January at chopped we want to make you aware that all our plantastic offerings are in store.

Our salads, bowls, wraps, burritos, and noodle soups are fully customisable. So, feel free to swap any protein for our plant-based chicken to make it vegan!

Want to make your coffee vegan? Ask our staff to swap out the milk for a vegan or vegetarian option. We have almond milk, and oat milk available to add to your daily coffee.

We also have many healthy and tasty dressings that are friendly for your vegan diet.

At chopped we believe in accommodating all diets and health choices, so we didn’t want to release a limited vegan salad for Veganuary but instead highlight our existing menu & make more customers aware of our offerings. Don’t worry even though it’s Veganuary at chopped we have something on our menu for you vegan lovers all year round!

If you are trying vegan or want to start off incorporating vegan products into your daily salad or wrap, don’t hesitate to ask our staff what is available, they are more than happy to help!


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