Christmas has come early at Chopped…

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

A Burrito stuffed with Chicken & Stuffiiiiing.

Put your comfy elf slippers on and step outside. Get ready to feel the festive ambiance in the air in the form of gingerbread houses, mulled wine and festive foodie flavours around the streets. Stores are switching on Christmas lights and hanging mistletoe and stockings and soaking up the festivities in the countdown to the big day; and it’s the countdown that builds the most magical atmosphere, don’t you know?

If you’re a big foodie like us, we know that Christmas is your favourite season and we all patiently await the big foodie day of the year which happens on December 25th. Now we know some of you opt for options other than the traditional Turkey & Ham on Christmas day and of course we don’t judge you for that (well we do, a little bit) but we are traditionalists here in Chopped and we love nothing more than tucking into our traditional Turkey & Ham dinner (part 1, part 2 and possibly part 3 later on, by the fire) on Christmas day.

For our Limited Edition Festive menu this year, we have reinvented this absolute classic; allowing you (and us!) to stuff our faces with the flavours of Christmas, all through December.

Choose to have this tasty mother-stuffer in the form of a swaddled baked burrito, or a smoking hot burrito box which gives you all the greatness of the burrito, without the carbs of the tortilla wrap.

Choose your own greens, throw in some mini mozzarella, some smokey chargrilled Chicken, tasty bacon and out-of-this-world stuffing. The icing on the cake is the dressing this year, as we introduce our festive spiced mayo dressing to your taste buds. You can thank us later.

We get the feeling you’re jumping for joy by this stage and searching for your nearest Chopped store, to get your hands on this beautiful beast so we’ll leave you with that.

Happy Christmas to you all from all of us at Freshly Chopped. We’re away to grab a burrito.


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