New! Re-usables now in stores

We’re delighted to finally introduce our new re-usable bamboo bowls and coffee cups. A project we have been working on for the guts of a year, with one main goal front of mind; to help support a cleaner more sustainable future.

It’s been a busy year – we’ve introduced many new sustainable products into the mix:

  • our new compostable bowls & lids,
  • compostable dressing pots,
  • compostable coffee cups & lids,
  • compostable wrap paper,
  • compostable straws (individually wrapped),
  • biodegradable corn starch cutlery.

However, the next step is giving you the choice to remove single-use products from their day by introducing our re-usable bamboo range.

Chopped_ Bamboo_Reusable Range
Our new 900ml bamboo re-usable bowl & 16oz bamboo re-usable cup

Our new range is made from eco-friendly bamboo fibre which is a tough and durable material. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth making it a very sustainable material. It’s also incredibly tough and ideal for standing up to the hottest of dishwashers.

Our new re-usable bamboo range will be available in stores from this week:

  • Chopped Bamboo Cups (16oz) €5.95
  • Chopped Bamboo Bowls (900ml) €6.50

Now when you purchase one of our new re-usable coffee cups in store, you can enjoy 20c off your coffee or tea.

And we’ll be looking at introducing a similar loyalty program for our re-usable bamboo bowl in the new year, so keep an eye out in store and on our socials!

#ChopYourSingleUse #MakeADifference



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