3 Simple Nutrient Packed Hot Drinks to Make at Home!

Ok ok. We can finally admit it. Summer is over. And with a turn in seasons, comes with it some challenges around our health and fending off those nasty bugs out there.

For most, putting health first is always the main agenda, however it’s often difficult to actually make it a priority day to day with our busy busy lives. Making some small, simple and quick changes can be essential to building your immunity as we enter these chillier days of Winter!

And we cannot bang on enough about hydration, especially as it gets colder as we tend to drink less fluids. NOT COOL. So here are our tips to making quick hot drinks at home, in the office where ever.  Not only are there tremendous health benefits from adding these ingredients to your diet, they’re also free of refined sugar and full of natural goodness.


Try by adding one hot drink a day, maybe in the morning before you leave the house. Or invest in a re-usable bamboo/glass travel cup or thermal bottle. Stores like TK Maxx or Aldi usually have a great range at this time of year, and are not too expensive. In fact, we will be introducing our own re-usable cup very soon, so watch this space.

Drink Well. Be Well.

Team Chopped 💚

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